What to watch on TV this week

Our pick of the best television shows

Farewell to Foy and Smith in a new series of palace family drama and treachery on Netflix

A documentary shows the lives of people who work in Broadgate, former home to 28 international banks

Rafe Spall and Eleanor Tomlinson star in the new three-part adaptation of the 1898 sci-fi classic

The story behind a hacking case that derailed a UN conference and tried to sway nations on an issue of global concern

The MP travels to east Africa to hear about the soldiers who were not offered rites of remembrance

Ormond returns to a starring role in new drama mini-series about a 60-year-old woman who falls for a much younger man

More from this Series

The eight-part series gives space to address the ever pertinent themes of the Milton-inspired trilogy

BBC’s longest-serving correspondent looks back at the tumultuous days leading up to the events and his coverage at the time

Writer Jack Thorne has constructed his drama with an almost mathematical approach to apportioning blame

A Tokyo detective is dispatched to London to investigate a suspicious murder in a winning series directed by Julian Farino

A new eight-parter based on Umberto Eco’s novel is set in a remote abbey in northern Italy where deaths start to pile up

The Private Eye editor traces fake news back to the end of the 19th century

A documentary on Sky’s newly launched crime channel follows the trial over the suicide of the 18-year-old Conray Roy III

Ben Platt stars as a wealthy high-school Machiavel alongside manoeuvring mom Gwyneth Paltrow

Fabulous sets and costumery pale next to courtly intrigue and bedroom antics

The BBC2 series takes up the themes of identity and integrity in this week’s episode

‘How do they sleep at night?’ is a question that resonates throughout this pummelling drama series about the launch of Fox News

The poignant series features a heartbreaking performance from Kaitlyn Dever as a woman dismissed by police

Digital jiggery-pokery and layers of subterfuge pep up this crime thriller

Alleged sexual misconduct victims describe the brutal power of the movie mogul in this film

The drama starring Brian Cox is back with raging sibling spats and coarse put-downs

Havoc persists inside the prison, whilst the newly released Piper becomes a waitress

A film-maker travels to so-called ‘re-education centres’ where reports of torture abound

Jobs and kissing replace bikes and board games as the goofy young kids turn teenagers

In a new BBC documentary, historian David Olusoga reveals the history of racial prejudice in the UK

Glossy, visceral and with an exceptional cast, the satirical mini-series conjures a paradox-laden second world war

Elisabeth Moss’s Offred is all eerie composure as Gilead’s foundations begin to totter

The second instalment of the hit series provides all the anticipated flamboyance and high-octane action

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and Anita Rani explore hard-hitting realities about single-use plastic

Netflix’s tech anthology series continues with three cunningly plotted stories

Has Armistead Maupin’s classic series about a queer community in San Francisco dated badly?

Was Anne Lister a lesbian superhero — or an unashamed forerunner of class-privileged white feminism?

The cast of Michael Apted’s 1963 TV social experiment reunite for a ninth time

In this new five-part BBC series, the professor charts the improbable histories of Earth and its neighbours

Russell T Davies’ drama presents an all-too-identifiable 21st century through the lens of one Mancunian family

This series starring Emily Watson and Jared Harris dramatises the events surrounding the 1986 nuclear accident to gripping effect

The last six episodes of the fantasy epic are set to be an enjoyable panoply of improbable sets, outlandish names and ‘sexposition’

The BBC documentary is a sobering, uncompromising portrait of the effects of global warming on our world

A documentary follows the prosecution and defence cases for one of the darkest episodes in European history

Liza Williams’ BBC Four documentary highlights how preconceptions about the victims influenced the investigation

After the success of Killing Eve, the writer-director is back with a second — and starrier — season of her brilliantly offhand comedy-drama

Uncomfortable and graphic testimonies from two men, one of whom defended star during 2005 trial

Mobeen Azhar speaks to the inhabitants of Bradford, the birthplace of worldwide demonstrations against Salman Rushdie’s novel